House Music Genre’s History and Distinctive Features

House Music In the most cases when a person says he likes electronic music the talk is pretty much about house music which in its essence reflects a collection of different electronic styles, the earliest forms of which were created in the mid-1980s. As for the title of this electronic music genre, “house” derives from the night club in Chicago – “the Warehouse”. In this club was working as a DJ the talented musician Frankie Knuckles who managed to mix old disco hits with new tunes of European synthpop creating in such way the first tendencies in house music. Another musician is also referred to the foundation of pure house genre and his name is Chip E. with the recording “It’s House” which set the limits of the totally new genre in electronic music field.

House Music Genre’s History House music artists delivered multiple subgenres among which the most popular is acid house characterized by appliance of tone generators with usage of resonant filters creating authentic sound which is very demanded at the dancefloors worldwide. As well as the mainstream house genre acid house is referred to mid-1980s when music producers from Chicago learned to create innovative sounding using the classic Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer model experimenting with its resonators and frequency levels. The first creators of classic acid house songs were the members of Phuture project.

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The Prodigy: Background of the World’s Most Popular Dance Music Band

The ProdigyThere is hardly to meet a person in mid-20s who has never heard about the most successful dance music band originated from England – the Prodigy. Being founded in the early 1990s this smashing electronic rock and punk music project has developed into one of the most recognizable bands in the world despite the specification of music tastes of audience who likes songs of the Prodigy. Proclaimed as one of the most successful pioneers in beat mainstream music (as we know it now) the Prodigy musicians continue to release albums which deserved the status of multiplatinum thanks to more than 25 millions sold copies worldwide.

The founders and current members of the band are Liam Howlett (composer and keyboard musician), Keith Flint (leading vocalist and dancer) and Maxim (supporting vocalist and MC).

Background of the World’s Most Popular Dance Music BandThis dynamic trio along with few invited musicians create innovative dance music compositions with rave and beat tendencies among which are the extremely popular songs “Firestarter”, “Breathe”, “Voodoo People”, “No Good”, “Poison”, “Omen”, “Invaders Must Die” and many other.

The Prodigy is also one of the most called-for bands when it comes to live performances. The albums’ success is partially explained by the stunning dance music live shows of the Prodigy band which has already visited many world countries delivering the smashing dance hits.

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The Development of Industrial Music Genre

Industrial Music The first reference to industrial music as a separate genre was used in the mid-1970s when a wide variety of labels and independent musicians started to experiment with different styles of urban electronic music and alternative sounds. This epoch was fertile for the development of the industrial music genre’s origins and since those times it was transforming and divided into multiple hybrid subgenres.

Appealing to the most common definition of industrial music genre, it should be mentioned this is a broad-spectrum term including combination of different styles of experimental noise and electronic music. Industrial music genre dictates usage of socially provocative and transgressive topics in lyrics and aggressive beats in tunes. The title to this genre was given by the well-known band of 1970s – Throbbing Gristle – musicians of which also created the motto for a new genre – “industrial music for industrial people”.

Nine Inch NailsIndustrial genre is characterized as the most harsh and abrasive electronic music with a significant influence of modern rock and alternative sounding. Since 1970s there were contributed a lot of music experiments into the industrial genre mostly connected with noisier influences. Starting from 1990s the genre was developed into the post-industrial environment connecting electronic experiments with ambient, folk, rock and metal tendencies.

The most popular artists in the so-called industrial rock genres are Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. The other developed branch of experimental industrial music has more electronic tendencies and delivers such subgenres as Aggrotech, EBM and noise.

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Moby as the World’s Dance Music Icon

MobyMoby (a dance music project created by the American DJ Richard Melville Hall in mid 80s) provides an iconic influence within and outside the dance music environment. The impact of Moby’s music is so efficient that even people who can’t be considered as faithful dance music fans find his songs outstanding. Moby is usually associated with such smashing hits as “Porcelain”, “Natural Blues”, “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” which brought to the musician sales of more than 20 million copies of his albums and worldwide popularity as one of the most successful projects in the history of dance and electronic music.

Moby is a multi-instrumentalist playing keyboard, bass guitar, drums and guitar. Collaborating with other iconic personalities in ambient and dance music he manages to create absolutely authentic distinctive melodies recognizable thanks to their peculiar electronic beats and notes of melancholic chill-out tunes.

Moby as  Dance Music IconThe first album Play assigned as the best-selling electronic album ever is still considered as an example of the most quality and innovative dance music. The following albums – 18 (2002), Hotel (2005), Last Night (2008), Wait for Me (2009) and Destroyed (2011) – were also claimed as the best selling electronic releases with the contribution of plenty of famous musicians – Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, New Order, Metallica and many other.

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Influence of Techno and Rave Genres in Electronic Music

TechnoThe term “techno” as well as “house” is unusually understood in a wrong way as electronic music whole while techno is nothing but one of the mainstream genres in dance music. Techno is a dance music form that appeared in the mid-1900s in Detroit where it was transformed into a separate genre from the experimental tendencies brought to America by European electronic music producers and performers.

Nowadays it is very hard to separate techno from another electronic mainstream genre – rave music. In the most cases both genres are combined and techno artists very often experiment with rave music style and vice versa. Rave music was born from the origins of techno music which can be characterized by powerful hardcore electronic samples full of energetic beats and dance tunes.

Influence of Techno and Rave Genres Unlike techno rave music derives from Great Britain, in mid-1980s, and it is related closely to the social acid house phenomenon of English underground community. The pioneers in this genre are such world-famous bands and musicians as Nebula 2, The Prodigy, En-Tact, the Shamen and others.

From the early 2000s rave and techno genres are practically inseparable and combine more subgenres and music tendencies than any other electronic music genre. These genres are nowadays more related to such social event as massive rave parties which are traditionally held at few separate open-air scenes at the same time.

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Brief Information for Kraftwerk Band’s Fans

Kraftwerk Band’s Kraftwerk is one of the most prominent and significant projects in electronic music community. The Dusseldorf-native band’s members Ralf Hutter, Karl Bartos, Wolfgang Flur and Florian Schneider are well-known personalities; pioneers in electronic music who contributed into this genre many innovations making its up-to-date sound as we got used to like it.

The project Kraftwerk was founded in 1970 by Hutter and Schneider and since those days the band’s membership practically has not changed. Appealing to the signature of music Kraftwerk creates there should be mentioned driving and repetitive rhythm tendencies and catchy sound effects which are combined to deliver fresh in sounding electronic instrumental melodies featuring strong computerized vocals reflecting a slight reference to more traditional Western Classical style.

Brief Information for Kraftwerk The band has released many of multiplatinum best selling singles and albums since 1970 including their first smashing hit – Autobahn. Starting from their album “Radio-Activity” Kraftwerk produces every new release in two versions – with German and English vocals.

Without doubt, every new single and album released by Kraftwerk dictates new tendencies even in a modern electronic music environment presented by multiple talented artists. The revolutionary sounding makes Kraftwerk one of the most recognizable and popular artists in an electronic music community.

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